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Hi I'm Renee

I’m your new technical partner and the Chief Geek in Residence here.

I truly believe that the Geek in Your Pocket service is your solution to your WordPress maintenance woes.

I have developed a process that allows me to keep the personal touch to WordPress support and maintenance.  I am purposely keeping the number of clients to a manageable size so I get to know you and your website, while still providing the needed website maintenance for you.

This service is IDEAL if you are a blogger, coach, virtual assistant or a tiny digital business owners looking to do great things in the world, without the technical headaches.

You KNOW that keeping your website updated and maintained needs to be a TOP PRIORITY but since technology is not your expertise it’s taking way more time to do that you feel it should.

My Geek in Your Pocket service is the ideal solution, reasonably priced so you can focus on what you excel at.

I’m here to help you become an empowered website owner.

What My Clients Say

Renee’s Geek In Your Pocket service is a simple way to reduce my technical overload. Renee is ace!
Ann Ingham
It brings me peace of mind knowing that you and your team are maintaining my website.
Lexi Rodrigo
Content Marketer,

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