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Having a website can at times feel like more of burden, than an amazing tool help you market your business

As a digital business owner your website is your store front, but what you didn’t KNOW was how much work it was going to be!

As your technical partner, we manage your website, help you keep it secure and updated so you can focus on building your business, helping your clients and make more money!

Let’s Dig Into Your Website & Fix What’s Not Working

If you have had your website for any length of time, it’s likely there’s things happening on your website that you’re just not sure what’s happening or why? This was was working yesterday, but now it’s not or maybe your site is running slow and you don’t know why or that speed report just confuses you? My Website Performance Review will help.

Geek in Your Pocket Protection Plan

Operating your website required continuous maintenance, support and technical know- how? To succeed you need to always be learning about the latest technology, not to mention all the licenses plugins and oh boy all those security notices!

Ready to feel the zen of having Geek in Your Pocket managing your website?

For the first time since I started my blog 3 years ago, everything went crazy. My blog went down, my ads disappeared, and I started to lose my mind.

The only thing I knew to do was to contact Renee. She had already been taking care of the technical side of things, and I knew this was beyond me.

I was never more grateful than that moment that I had hired Renee.

When I was looking to cut back on my expenses, the first thing I said I had to keep after paying for my hosting was Renee.

I really couldn’t do this without her. She is part of what is helping me to get to the next level with confidence.

Samantha Hatcher
Inspired by Lucile & Self Care Mama Club

The constant updating, the backups were just too much for me with everything else going on.

I know I never need worry now and can focus on blogging and creating resources & making money.

Linda Faulk
Math Teacher & Curriculum Developer

Renee’s ability to answer tech problems in laymen’s terms allows me to solve challenging tech issues easily! She’s always quick to respond, super helpful, and friendly.

Kelly Warner
Hope in the Chaos

My site speed has definitely increased. I have peace of mind that my site’s being backed up and plugins updated.

If you’re thinking about signing up for Geek in Your Pocket…

Go for it! Renee and her team are absolutely reliable and trustworthy!

Meera Kothand
Email Marketing Strategist & Author

Renee is ace. I have been reading and using her blogs for years and got so many good ideas and lots of confidence. I have hired her to sort out problems ad hoc.

I have subscribed to her Geek in Your Pocket service as a simple way to reduce my technical workload and focus on clinical work.

Ann Ingham
Psychotherapist Counsellor Coach

I had been agonizing for days over the implementation of an e-commerce plugin when I threw my hands in the air and gave up!

Luckily I found Renee, who not only calmed me down but made feel confident she knew what she was doing.

In the future I’ll skip the agony and go straight to Renee.

Cara Lynn Garvock
Blueboat Social Marketing

Taking Renee’s advice about SEO, has made my traffic steadily increase since just November.

Renee is always quick to help you anyway she can and explains things in a way that make sense and are easy to follow.

Gina Butler
Gina's Library

Renee holds your hand as you build your internet business.

She knows both the tech stuff and the marketing.

Barbara Allisen aka Mrs. A

Just want to say that Renee Shupe is one amazing lady. I’ve been frustrated with the technical minefield of setting up an online product for the last two weeks.

She gave me some great recommendations which will NO Doubt save me stacks of time and money!


Chinmayi Dore
BodyMAGIC! Author Mentor and Teacher

I’m not bad at figuring things out but you never know whether you have figured it out right or not. Other times, I’m clueless.

Whatever the situation, Renee is there to help with clear and easy to understand information that also teaches me what to do for the future.

She’s completely invaluable!!

Angela Tempest
Skylark Virtual Services

It brings me peace of mind knowing that you and your team are maintaining my website.

Lexi Rodrigo
Content Marketer

Thank you so much Renee!!

I love knowing that you are taking care of the maintenance and security of my website, that I can let go of that space in my mind to remember to update myself, and fill it with other work :).

Natashia Thiel
Tiel Virtual Solutions

She did a blog review for me and she did a very thorough job.

She provided me with a video review, so it was really easy to follow and understand what she was talking about. She suggested changes for my site that I had never even thought of, or even realized I could make. I’m not a tech person at all, so I had several questions after her review and she was very willing to reply and clarify the things I didn’t understand/know how to do.

She explained things very clearly and I was able to follow her instructions and make the changes she suggested.

I would definitely work with Renee again!

Brenda Melendez
Brenda Loves Sharing

you make Google “non-sense” make sense!

Sameera Ali
Digital Media Specialist

Just want to take a minute to thank you Renee!

So awesome to have someone taking care of that kind of stuff. The tech side is really not my thing but I can sleep well every night thanks to Renee! No matter what’s going, I know my site is in good hands.

Stéphanie Gilbert
Stephie The Happy Mom

Thank you so much for your excellent service, and reassurance that you have checked all your clients’ websites.

You’re the Best!!

Diana Walker
My Joyful Health

I'd love to be your Director of Technology

Hi, I'm Renee and I’m your new technical partner and the Chief Geek in Residence here.

I truly believe that the Geek in Your Pocket service is your solution to your WordPress maintenance woes.

This service is IDEAL if you are a blogger, coach, virtual assistant or a tiny digital business owners looking to do great things in the world, without the technical headaches.