4 Signs You Need a New Web Host

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Here’s a few things I’ve shared with my clients and want to share with you on the signs that it might be time to leave your current web host.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had few of my clients reach out to me about wanting to move web hosts. Many have been having a poor experience with their current web host and wanted to make sure that their web site had the best home possible.

Here’s a few things I’ve shared with my clients and want to share with you on the signs that it might be time to leave your current web host.

Sign #1: Support is Slow to Respond

I often hear from clients…

“When I first signed up with my old hosting company, I was delighted with the service. Every issue was handled promptly and the staff was so polite.

“After they merged with another web host, I watched their customer service slowly worsen. I finally realized I needed to move when I had a billing issue that took three days and multiple calls to resolve.”

If you notice that the customer support is slow to respond, pushes back saying it’s your issue or is vague in their answer, it might be time to consider a new web host.

Sign #2: Host Uses Out of Date Software

Often my clients are wanting to do something new for their website, but they discover that their host was using out of date software.

My clients, have me on board to help with more advanced tasks and to manage their maintenance so when they discover they can’t get some of the tech on their website to work, they often reach out to see what’s happening. I advise them to call the hosting company.

This is when they usually discover their hosting company is using software that was 2-3 years old and sometimes it even has known bugs. It has to make you wonder where else they will cut corners to keep the prices low while sacrificing the performance of your website.

Sign #3: Your Site Crashes or Is Down a Lot

Does it seem like your web site is often crazing or going down?

This is often a sign of overloaded shared servers and old technology. You can’t afford to have your website crash at a key point in your launch.

If you’re expecting a lot of traffic from your marketing activities. And if you doubt that your web host will be reliable enough to handle the surge in visitors, you’ll be better to move everything to a more reliable host before you launch.

Tip: Use a service like Uptime Robot to get notified when your site is down. This is something I monitor for my Geek in Your Pocket clients.

Sign #4: Frequent Security Breaches

You start noticing frequent security breaches at the company.

You can usually forgive the occasional breach, but when it starts to happen more often then you have to question the security of your website and your own personal information.

Web hosting companies aren’t perfect.

But if you have some concerns about your host, don’t be afraid to explore your options. You may find a host you like even better!

My Choice for Web Hosting

I’ve worked with many web hosts and Mom Webs Hosting is what I recommend for my clients. A small business offering web hosting for many years, with great personal support. They go above and beyond.

Today having a high performing secure website is critical to your online success and it starts with a high quality web host. A high quality web host is the foundation of everything to helping you and your website online. These tips are a great way to measure how well your web host is performing. If you web host supporting you and your goals?