Hi I’m Renee, Chief Geek around here….

And if you only knew how much do I dread writing these kinds of things. You know that whole, heck check me out kind of thing.

You see I’m an introvert, through and through and I kind of prefer sitting at the back of the room, observing, watching and figuring it all out.

Can’t really do that though when I’m wanting you to get an idea of what I do, how I can help you and why you’d even want me to help you.

If you want to see what I’m up to now – check it all out here

Renee Headshot

So Let’s Do This!

We can enjoy the awkward silences together, well at least until I get to really know you and well then you won’t be able to shut me up!

As a digital business owner you have A LOT on your plate.

Today’s online business environment is VERY different than when I started building my first business in 2008. In fact, my WordPress security and maintenance service wasn’t really a needed thing in 2008. Today, do a quick search online for WordPress maintenance and you’ll find about 142,000,000 search results!

You have an idea and you KNOW deep inside that building a business online is the fastest route to success, yet you’re still struggling and you’re frustrated with where you are right now AND you wish it would go faster.

You’re likely juggling your family obligations and your business. Maybe your business right now is a side hustle and you’re fitting in EVERYTHING between work and family.

I understand that your business is more than just your website.  

You have enough to think about right now and your website maintenance and security shouldn’t be one of those things. In fact, when you hire Geek in Your Pocket, you can rest easy knowing that your website maintenance and security is handled.

It’s your path to freedom, independence and building a life on your own terms. Your business is your dream that your building instead of building someone else’s dream and I want that for you.

My Geek In Your Pocket service is just what you need as a lifestyle business building mogul.

You have better things to do than spending 5 to 10 hours* a month on maintaining your website….

Getting your own Geek in Your Pocket will free you up to do what will help you make the most impact on building your own dream.  You don’t need to have your head inside your website, you need your own Geek in Your Pocket!

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You’re ready to stop worrying about your website and focus on your business​
  • You want to have someone you can call on when you need it to help manage your self-hosted WordPress site
  • You know keeping your website healthy and well maintained is important

Here’s some other of the ways I can help.

  • Geek in Your Pocket service
    My Geek in Your Pocket service is exactly what you need right now. You can start with my Mini Geek package and grown into my Personal or even my Total Geek Package as you grow. All the while rest easy knowing that our website is well taken care of.
  • Website Speed Up Service
    Is your website running a bit slow or feeling sluggish? My WordPress Speed Up Service is the solution!
  • Website Tune-Up
    Want to sample my service before committing? My WordPress Tune Up service will get your website updated and secure at the time of the service. After your tune-up ask about special discount for your own Geek in Your Pocket to keep your website tuned up automatically!

My story…

I could give you my whole, “crap I knew I needed to do something different” story, where I only had “5 dollars to my name”, but the truth of it all is I don’t have that kind of story.

It was exhausting and I knew that I wanted something different.  What that was I didn’t have a clue and I don’t think I even really have that clue yet, but that’s okay.  It’s all about the journey and doing what fuels my soul and heart.

I can tell you that in 2008, I was commuting 90 minutes each way to work to a job I wasn’t all that excited about and felt that I was running on automatic.  I was tired, of the mundane the same thing each and every day.  Get up, commute to work, see the same zombie like folks on the bus with me, going through the motions.

In 2008, I launched the first version of my business. Redhead Business Management.  I had heard the term Virtual Assistant and had done my research.  I loved technology, enjoyed doing PowerPoint Presentations, creating awesome looking documents so I figured I could help business owners do the same.

Oh boy, did that not last long.

I quickly found out that most small and tiny business owners struggled with more than just documents and my tiny virtual assistant business quickly morphed into a technical marketing boutique helping creative leaders create amazing online presences.

Back in 2008, I discovered WordPress and found a platform for creating websites and so much more that I fell in love with.

I also discovered that I’m a bit of an application and software geek!

In finding the right solutions for my clients, not simply providing them with a solution because I could get a kick back or because some “guru” told them they needed it, I discovered that a passion of mine is discovering new applicationstesting them out and seeing how it might help my clients.  I would often listen to my clients struggles the brainstorm simple solutions that could work for them.

It wasn’t about telling them that they “had” to use one solution, it was about providing the options and educating them to use what was right for their business.

I’m here to make your technical parts of your business function better

I believe that we can be build a sustainable and profitable business on our own terms that fits our lifestyle and most of all supports our why.

My Why….

To control my destiny and live my life my way.  You see I’ve always been one to beat my own drum, not listen to the conventional way of doing things.

Even when I was working in the corporate world, I was always the one to ask, why are we doing it that way. Maybe there’s a different way that could work better.

Everyday I wake up with the idea that I’m creating my own path, living my life by my choice and not by someone else’s terms.

I do believe that we are each human, deserve of each other’s respect for our differences and that I’m in no place to judge you, just because you have a different viewpoint.

I’m the Chief Redhead here and I bring 25+ years of working in marketing & technology. Since 2008 I have been running my own awesome business online.

21 Things About Me

This is Fozzie
my CFO (Chief Fuzzy Officer).
  1. I’ve been playing (yes, I consider it playing!) in WordPress since 2007
  2. A book that absolutely changed my life is the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  3. I love to get creative everyday.
  4. I’ve worked with hundreds of amazing women to help them build big u0026amp; small launches, websites, email campaigns and more.
  5. I’ve coached many more awesome women to feel empowered, in control to help them build their own awesome businesses.
  6. I’m a former BC Lion Cheerleader u0026amp; Finalist in Miss Vancouver (don’t ask when…ahem!)
  7. performed at Expo ’86 on the big stage with a semi-professional dance company called Dancestreams
  8. I was once an extra on 21 Jumpstreet (the TV show)
  9. found the love of my life
  10. I spend Sundays from September to early February in my jammies watching football with the hubbie
  11. I’m in love with New Orleans so much so I think I might have been a strong southern belle in a previous life
  12. I’m also drawn to Scotland in the same way, though I haven’t yet visited.
  13. I’m an atypical Capricorn and bring a mixture of right u0026amp; left brain thinking to everything I do.
  14. consider myself a logically, spiritual, creative introverted soul who is driven to empower business owners to take charge in their businesses!
  15. I have a crazy, wacky off-beat sense of humor and sarcasm has made an appearance or two
  16. My favorite drink is an Arnold Palmer
  17. Two of my favorite movies are Zoolander u0026amp; Tropic Thunder
  18. I’m a app nerd, love discovering new apps and software and play in them just for fun
  19. I meditate pretty well daily
  20. I read every day – Discover some of my recent books on my NOW page.
  21. I take classes because I’m passionate about learning

Let’s have some fun together!

Ready to work with me?

Your best option is signing up for my Geek in Your Pocket service.  It’s how I serve my clients best and it’s your first step in working with me directly.