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Discover 5 Essentials To Keeping Your Website Safe

Why you should hire a profession to do your website maintenance.

WordPress Updates and Maintenance. Not exactly the fun stuff to talk about, but it’s absolutely necessary to keeping your vital business asset protected. I’ve shared ways you can do your own maintenance and if you’re deciding whether to go it alone and maintain and update your WordPress site yourself, or hire a professional, you should…

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Website Security, What You Need To Know

Website security is a bit like health insurance – you never really worry about it until you absolutely, positively need it and it’s just too darn late to get it. You may think, “Nah, that’s never going to happen to ME.” Well, better think again! Every day, hosting servers get fried, hackers break into accounts,…

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Are you struggling to keep up with your website maintenance?

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WordPress and website maintenance is a required tasks for any website owner. But if you’re not technical by nature it can be a constant struggle and time consuming. I can help.

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