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I aim to provide you tips on how to improve your WordPress website and your digital business.  I also have a thing for WordPress maintenance and security.

Are You Thinking Strategically About Your Website?

Designing and laying out the pages of your website isn’t just about what you think might look right, or even what everyone else is doing. It requires focus and very strategic thinking. Do this with your website and you’ll be making it a lot more effective and see better results because of it.

9 Common Mistakes Made By New Website Owners

I absolutely love working with my clients to help them make their ideas come to life online, but sometimes a client isn’t ready to use my services or they might not be able to afford it.  If that’s the case I’ll refer them to my personal training solutions or videos I have. As much as I hope that my clients will watch all of the videos sometimes this doesn’t happen so today I’m going to share a few of the common mistakes that you’ll want to avoid when you’re setting up your own WordPress Site. 

Using Permalinks To Improve Your WordPress SEO

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply add a new post to your website or blog, and the following took place … all from your web address: Potential site visitors could glean what the post was about, Google would be able to discover your posts faster, Every single item of content on your site would have a unique identifier, making things easier to manage. Well, with WordPress permalinks this can easily be done!

How To Add And Configure WordPress Widgets – Part 2

In a default WordPress installation, your site comes with a number of built-in widgets that can be used out of the box with minimal to no configuration required, such as widgets that let you display links to your pages, recent posts, news items, add tag clouds, etc.

How To Add And Configure WordPress Widgets – Part 1

There are many great benefits in using WordPress to build, manage and grow a website or blog. One benefit is that you can easily add content, expand your site’s functionality, and rearrange the layout of your site without having code editing skills.

Protect Your WordPress Site From Getting Hacked

WordPress frequently comes under attack by hackers. In early 2013, WordPress installations around the world were subjected to large-scale brute force attacks. These attacks were caused by networks of infected computers programmed to attack other vulnerable computers, also commonly known as “botnets”.

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