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Help! Why is my WordPress site soooooo slow?

It’s a question I get asked a lot, at networking meetings, on facebook, twitter and anywhere else I happen to be connecting with folks. So here’s a few common issues that cause your site to be running slow….
If you are on shared hosting, which most micro business are and it’s often plenty for what you need, you’re sharing your hosting with other websites. This is how it makes the service so incredibly affordable (Bluehost & Hostgator* are two popular services). For most business owners keeping their site on shared hosting is plenty, but as you grow and drive more traffic to your site, maybe have a self hosted community like BuddyPress or possibly a membership site this can drain the resources for both you and the other businesses that you are sharing your hosting with and it might be time to think of upgrading – if you think this might be the issue connect with us and we can help you through the process.

You have a website. NOW WHAT?

Many of my clients tell me they didn't know they needed to have a backup, they thought that was taken care of by the host. Oh and updating plugins, what? Many website owners don't know just HOW much needs to be done to keep a website healthy!

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