4 Signs You Need A New Webhost

4 Signs You Need a New Web Host

In the past few weeks, I’ve had few of my clients reach out to me about wanting to move web hosts. Many have been having a poor experience with their current web host and wanted to make sure that their web site had the best home possible.

Here’s a few things I’ve shared with my clients and want to share with you on the signs that it might be time to leave your current web host.

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Should You Hire or DIY Your Website?

When you’re starting out money is usually an issue and most bootstrapping business owners think that choosing to go DIY (Do it Yourself) is often the best option to getting something done, but is it really? Today, we’re going to look at whether or not making the decision to DIY or hire someone for your website makes the most sense for you. I’ll share where I think you should invest your money and maybe where you can stay lean for now. This isn’t about telling you which way you need to go, each of us has different skill levels and each of have different levels of patience to get things dones. Choosing what is right for you and your business is an important skill set as a new entrepreneur. Let’s set the scene, you’ve decided to launch a business…. You know you need a website, but there’s so many choices  and well it’s so overwhelming.  Incredibly confusing in fact.  So much to figure out and understanding all of the technical terms is just too much. Maybe you’ve found a few websites that offers design or development services for websites but you either can’t figure out how much it’s going to cost or their pricing is way out of your price range right now. You’ve seen these ads for creating your own website, it’s easy, super simple in fact! So you’re ready to create a website – what should you do next? While …

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Tutorial: How To Update Your WordPress Theme

If you are new to WordPress, make sure to read our introduction to WordPress themes. This comprehensive article explains what themes are and how using themes can be cost-effective and time-saving for website owners. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to easily update a WordPress theme with just a few clicks inside the admin area. Updating Themes – Best Practices Checklist We recommend going through the checklist below before going through the upgrade process. 1. Back Up Everything Backing up your website before making any changes to your site is vital. This way, if things don’t go as planned, you can always restore your site to its previous settings. If you don’t want to perform manual backups, there are a number of plugins you can use. I tend to use Duplicator for my own purpose. 2. Check The Changelog Changes made to the WordPress software can affect the functionality of certain themes. Depending on the theme you are using, there may be a changelog file included with an update which provides an overview of any new features, improvements, security fixes or important changes in the new theme version. If the changes seem irrelevant or unimportant, you can skip the update. Otherwise, it’s best to update. 3. Test The Theme If you can, it’s a good idea to check the theme before installing it on your site. Typically, web service providers will set up a test site where they …

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A Basic Guide To HTML For WordPress Users

The web, your web site, your web pages and even your content are all built and powered by a language of code.

It is inevitable, then, that sooner or later, you will probably need something done for your business online, for your web site, or in your web content that will require having some knowledge of code.

HTML is one of the “code” languages that is used to power the web, websites, web pages and even your content.

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The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A New WordPress Post – Part 2

In Part One of this step-by-step tutorial on how to create a new WordPress Post, we covered the following areas: Types Of Content You Can Publish In WordPress Features Of A WordPress Post To review Part One of this comprehensive step-by-step tutorial, go here: How To Create A WordPress Post – Part One WordPress provides an easy-to-use, powerful and flexible CMS platform to publish information about your business online. The more you understand WordPress, the better you can use it to grow your business online. As you will see very shortly, creating a new WordPress post is very easy. In this tutorial, you are going to actually create a post in WordPress that will help you grow your business. What’s covered in this article Let’s start by reviewing some helpful guidelines for adding content to WordPress posts. WordPress – Content Guidelines The following are useful guidelines and best practices for posting content: Practice Accessibility: Stay compliant with web standards for accessibility and help your users by including ALT and TITLE descriptions with your links and images (e.g. <a title=”Add Descriptive Title Here” href=”https://yourdomain.com/”>Linked Text</a>). Use Paragraphs: Make your content more readable by breaking up your writing into paragraphs. Tip: If double spacing is used between your paragraphs, WordPress will automatically detect these and insert HTML paragraph tags (<p>) into your writing. Use Headings: If you plan to write long posts, then use headings to break up your post sections. In …

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The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide To Create a New WordPress Post – Part 1

WordPress provides an easy-to-use, powerful and flexible tool to manage your content online. Publishing content regularly can help grow your business online. Getting content published online with WordPress is as easy as 1-2-3: Once you have thought about what to have content written about, the next step is to write, and then publish it. WordPress makes this easy. Are you looking to set up your own WordPress website?  My DIY Step by Step Tutorial will help you get started right. This WordPress tutorial explains how to create a new post in WordPress. I’ll cover the following topics: WordPress Post Content Formats Sections Of A WordPress Post Guidelines For Adding Content To WordPress Posts WordPress Post – Saving Options How To Create A Wp Post – Quick Review Of Steps This step-by-step tutorial covers the basic steps you need to know to create a post on your WordPress website. To get the most benefit of using WordPress posts, however, I also recommend reading all of the content published on this site about WordPress, as these are designed to help you grow your business presence online using the WordPress CMS platform. As you can see in the diagram below, WordPress is a very powerful web marketing tool with many elements that work together to produce great results for your business online … (click image to enlarge) Posts WordPress provides site owners with two content publishing types: WordPress Posts and WordPress Pages. To …

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