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Discover how you can finally speed up your website and increase your conversion rates. All the information you need is here, and nothing has been left out in this course!

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Welcome to Site Speed Secrets.  I’m thrilled that you pick up my training on how to make your site faster.

I’ve taken the course and split it up into 7 key areas.  You can skip around and use the training in a way that works for you.  

While all the areas are important if you’re already a pro on one thing download the next guide and get started!

Course Modules

Guide 1: Introduction to Website Speed Optimization

Have you ever been on a website that took ages to load? And by ages, I mean 5 seconds or more. (In the real-world, however, 5 seconds isn’t so bad. In fact, 5 seconds is fast).

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Guide 2: Google Wants Your Website to be Faster

Everyone knows what Google is. And all webmasters want their sites to rank high on Google. They know they stand to benefit from the search giant’s popularity. This guide will help you.

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Guide 3: Speed Starts with Your Web Hosting Company

Web hosting is a necessary investment for your website. Prices are competitive in the industry , and the cutthroat competition often translates to dirt-cheap prices for hosting packages.  Can you really build a fast website on cheap hosting?  Download the guide to find out.

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Discover my favorite web hosting company + the one I use for my clients as well as my own sites

Guide 4: How to Dramatically Speed Up Your Website Using A Caching Plugin

This program is all about showing you how to create a fast website.  If you’re using WordPress then it’s a good plan to have a caching plugin.  Discover what that is, which ones to use and to set up them up.

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Guide 5: Which Files to Reduce and How to Do It

Your website is made up of many, many files and each time someone visits your site these files need to load for your website to appear.  This guide tells you about unoptimized files and how to change that so you can have a speedy website

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Guide 6: Tapping Into Your Website Configuration File

Getting involved with your website configuration files sounds scare if you’re never done it before.   However if you have a self-hosted website, then you may want to get your hands “dirty”.  If not hire a professional, but this guide will give you the tips to be dangerous!

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Guide 7: Fast Track Your Speed Optimization with WordPress

In this guide, we’ll be focusing on the best practices to optimize your WordPress website’s speed. 

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