Your personal security team for your website is here!

You can see the 21 Steps My Team Goes Through to Keep Your website nice and secure.

Download my Checklist to see exactly what I do on your website when you become a Geek in Your Pocket Client.

Your website security will be managed 24/7 with Shield Security Pro As part of your Geek in Your Pocket service you get access to the premium version of this plugin!

Going forward you can rest easy knowing your website will be handled by a team with a perfect record. Currently, NONE of my current Geek in Your Pocket clients has been successfully hacked.

Daily Cloud Backups

Your backups are saved daily on my secure off-site storage service. I have all your files quickly available to for quick restore should that be needed.

SSL Certificate

I’ll support the installation of an SSL certificate u0026amp; will ask to have one installed if you don’t already. Your URL will start with httpsall the data on your site will be encrypted and your visitors will feel secure.

Brute Force Protection

I can change your login URL, be sure to force strong passwords and set up other security measures to ensure nobody can force their way into your site.

Force Secure Passwords

I like to do a full audit of the admin users on your account to make sure that everything is still valid and secure. I also will require strong passwords for all users.

Database Protection

We ensure that your database is kept secure and is protected from any unwanted injections that could affect your website. I will monitor and keep your database secure to keep your site safe.

Install a Firewall

Using Shield Security we can install a firewall to keep your site safe. This includes effective blocking options to keep suspicious traffic away from your site.

Daily Malware Scan

In partnership with Sucuri, your website is automatically scanned EVERY day for any known u0026amp; new malware and other potential security risks.

Real-Time Monitoring

I have systems in place to monitor your website for hack attempts in real-time, meaning I can respond to any security issues immediately and tighten security as needed based on the individual threat level.

IP Tracking

Implementing intelligent network blocking helps to prevent traffic from locations that are suspicious. If someone tries to access your site, we can block them.

Monthly Report to Keep You Updated

On the first of each month, you’ll receive a monthly report that shares everything we’ve done to keep your website secure and safe.

Ready for 24/7 Website Security