Why you should hire a professional to do your website maintenance.

WordPress Updates and Maintenance. Not exactly the fun stuff to talk about, but it’s absolutely necessary to keeping your vital business asset protected. I’ve shared ways you can do your own maintenance and if you’re deciding whether to go it alone and maintain and update your WordPress site yourself, or hire a professional, you should carefully consider your options to see what might be best for you right now. One option you ABSOLUTELY must not choose is thinking that you’re a small website and therefore don’t need to keep your website maintained and secure. Hackers are indiscriminate and seek out non-maintained non-secure sites because they are the easiest to break. The big decision comes to whether or not you want to hire out and have someone else maintain your website or to tackle the job and do it yourself. Both ways can and do work, it really comes down to your personal choice and how much you value your time. Let’s cover both. My intention here is to help you see both sides and give you some helpful insight into what you need to consider and look out for when it comes to maintaining your website. But first, I like to share this thought that you should consider when it comes to maintaining and keeping your site secure. Your website is much like your car. Not maintaining our care with regular maintenance such as oil changes and new tires, maintaining …

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Website Maintenance Diy Or Hire

Should You Do Your Own WordPress Maintenance?

WordPress maintenance. There’s two camps when it comes to WordPress maintenance. Camp one believes and knows the importance of having maintenance done regularly on your website, camp one also knows it’s best to have an expert handle all aspects of your website maintenance. Camp two sees the value in WordPress maintenance, but also feel, “I can handle the updates myself”. Which camp you are in often depends on where you’re at in your business journey. New online business owners are often the chief bottle washer, accountant, social media consultant and everything in between so it’s completely understandable that investing in an expert to handle your WordPress maintenance seems like a ‘not quite yet’ expense. Digital Business owners that have been running their business for a while quickly see the benefits of having an expert manage their WordPress maintenance. What is WordPress maintenance anyway & why do you need it for your WordPress website One of the most common objections I hear to hiring a Geek in Your Pocket WordPress Package is that many feel they can do it themselves and if my Easy Peasy Website Maintenance Checklist sales are any indication then it’s a very valid comment. Many also don’t think it will take very much time to take of all of the necessary steps to maintaining their website. Here are the types of tasks that can be considered part of ongoing WordPress maintenance: Updates: WordPress core updates, plugin updates, …

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DIY Guide to Launching Your First WordPress Blog Site

Are you Ready to Finally Launch Your First WordPress Blog?
To build a business online you need three things…

A domain name (this will be the URL or name of your blog – such as reneeshupe.com)

A web hosting account (this is where you keep the files that run your website)

Your attention for about an hour

It might take you less than an hour, but it’s a good plan to set aside 60 to 90 minutes and I’ll walk you through this whole process.
Let’s dive into the DIY Guide to Launch Your First WordPress Blog

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