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Change is Hard

But the New WordPress Editor is worth the change.
We’ve been using WordPress in the same way for a really long time.
Embrace the new Gutenberg editor and you’re going to fall in love very quickly!

Easy to follow Video Training for the new Gutenberg Editor

There Are A Lot of  Hidden Wonders in WordPress 5.0

The new block editor completely changes how you create a blog post and if you haven’t worked with a block editor before it could confuse the heck out of you.

The new editor actually gives you so much more flexibility in how you crate your content and what you can add to the blocks is almost limitless.

All The Little Changes Are Actually Improvements

You don’t realize it now. But, the changes really are improvements.

You might not think so right now, because the new interface seems so strange and even difficult to use.

But with this new training you’ll quickly discover it’s not as difficult as your mind has decided it is.

I’ve been using the new interface for a while and I personally feel it’s a big improvement on how WordPress use to work, especially for the average WordPress user and website owner.

It’s definitely an upgrade.

There is no looking back, and it’s best that you learn how to make the most of it now.

Ready to create content faster than ever? Ready to embrace the change because by 2022 WordPress will cease support of the Classic Editor. To me it makes sense to get on board and embrace the use of Gutenberg because it’s powerful!

What’s covered
in the video series

  • The New Editor: In depth coverage of how what’s included in the new editor.  You’ll get two videos that cover everything you’ll find in the new editor
  • Customizing Text: Everything you want to know to add and customize your text to create awesome looking layouts.
  • Formatting: There are so many new ways to format your content with the new editor, you get videos that cover all the new and fantastic formatting features.
  • Lists, Videos & Audio: WordPress 5.0 has made it easier to create content faster and these 3 videos give you tips on how to add your own videos, lists and audio to your content
  • Blocks: You get four videos that cover all of the different elements of Blocks.  How to add, manipulate and customize them.
  • Images: You get two videos that will give you everything you’ll want to know on how to add images to your content.
  • Embedding Content: Not only do you learn about videos and images you’ll also learn about new easier ways to embed all kinds of content that you have and from around the web.

Make your learning
curve easier

Many people that try to figure things out on their own end up wasting a lot of time and get frustrated and end up with nothing.

That’s because they spin their wheels, follow bad advice, and just don’t get the right roadmap to success.

This video series will prevent that from happening… When you invest in this training today, you watch over the should as it’s done… and then you go and replicate it.

It’s THAT simple.

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Expert Editing with WordPress 5.0

Expert Editing with
WordPress 5.0


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