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Welcome, the LLYou Super September Sale is On!

It's Time To Protect Your Most Valuable Business Asset!​

I’m considered a lucky one, I always had a knack for figuring out this technical stuff and then simplifying it for my clients, in fact, I strive to make technology easier to understand.

My clients come to me because at some point they have thought….

  • "All this tech stuff can be so frustrating even though I think I’ve done a pretty good job to keep up on it…."
  • “I’m just so overwhelmed with everything I need to do on my website…”
  • “I know WordPress is the best option for my website, but there’s ALWAYS so MUCH to do!“
  • “I hear about all this security stuff, but it just confuses me and I’m concerned I might lose all my hard work“
  • List Item“It always takes me so long to do all of these updates and keep on top of the security…”

EVERY DAY I hear from my community, my clients and many other digital business owners the overwhelm they feel in trying to maintain their website.

It would be pretty sweet if there was a solution relief you of your technical frustrations so you can focus on creating content and serving your community!

Ready to Transform Your Productivity?

Imagine a simple solution to manage aLL of your WordPress maintenance & security needs every month so you can focus on growing your business & enjoy life

What’s this magic I speak of?  It’s a maintenance plan.

Yes, you need a maintenance plan for your website.

Whether that’s you or a geek in your pocket it’s a must have to ensure you have a smooth running and secure website.

When you get a geek in your pocket you’ll…

Have peace of mind knowing that your website is monitored and protected

Have someone to call on when you need a bit of technical advice

Experience comfort in knowing that your website is being backed up and securely monitor

Experience faster load times, ultimately leading to a better visitor experience for your own visitors.

No matter what, having a geek in your pocket is the ultimate solution to keeping your website in tip top shape.

Meet the Geek behind the
Geek In Your Pocket


I’m the Chief Geek in Residence here. I truly believe that the Geek in Your Pocket service is your solution to your WordPress maintenance woes.

I have developed a process that allows me to keep the personal touch to WordPress support and maintenance.  I am purposely keeping the number of clients to a manageable size so I get to know you and your website, while still providing the needed website maintenance for you.

I focus on working with website owners that have a small online business.  

You know that keeping your website updated and maintained needs to be a top priority but since technology is not your expertise it’s taking way more time to do that you feel is should.

My Geek in Your Pocket service is the ideal solution, reasonably priced so you can focus on what you excel at, I’m here to help you become an empowered website owner.

Renee’s Geek In Your Pocket Service is a simple way to reduce my technical workload

Renee is ace. I have been reading and using her blogs for years and got so many good ideas and lots of confidence. I have hired her to sort out problems ad hoc.

I have subscribed to her geek in your pocket service as a simple way to reduce my technical workload and focus on clinical work.

Ann Ingham

Psychotherapist, Counsellor Coach

Everything a GEEK IN YOUR POCKET Will be Doing To Protect Your valuable Asset so You Can Focus on Growing Your Business

Safe Updates of WordPress Core & Plugins

Keep your site updated and well maintained, is one of the best ways to keep your site secure. My priority is to make sure you’re protected.

Security Checks by Sucuri

I make sure your site is clean, and if any files become infected I’ll be able to spot them on time and let you what actions we need to take to keep your site secure

Comment Management

Keeping in touch with your readers is important, but you have better things to do that to deal with spam comments. 

Your Data Kept Secure & Accessible

Regular Backups are done for your site on a consistent basis. These backups are kept off site and are available if a restore is needed.

Monthly Report

Every month you’ll receive a report that provides you with details of everything we’ve been doing on your site.  Great to get a quick handle on everything you didn’t have to do yourself!

Uptime Monitoring

I get notifications when your website goes down, often this lets me get your site back online before you even know it’s down.  Pretty sweet, and comforting for you!

Vulnerability Checks

Using Sucuri to monitor your site, I get real time information about what plugins are vulnerable so protect your site and your business.

Performance Checks

Today’s mobile first environment means you need to have a speedy site that provides a great user experience.  You’ll get regular updates on how your site is doing.

SEO Ranking

We can include some of your keywords, so you can keep track of your keyword ranking, find out who your competitors are, and how you stack up against them.

Link Checking – Coming Soon

Link Monitor is a powerful broken link checker that provides you with regular scans of an entire WordPress site for broken links.

Still have questions?  Check out my Frequent Asked Questions here



While I do have a few key team players to tackles some of the speciality work, your main contact is me.

I limited the number of clients I have on my Geek in Your Pocket service to ensure that I know your website so I can help you in the best way possible.

Geek in Your Pocket is my key service and while I do have a few other supporting services my Geek in Your Pocket clients are my top priority.

My experience runs deep. I have been working in marketing & technology since the early 90’s and launched my first website for my husbands business in 2005.  I launch the first version of my company in 2008 and have been taking care of business owners technical needs for close to eleven years.  

I’m approachable. I purposely limit the number of Geek in Your Pocket clients so I get to know your website and how I (and my team) can best manage your website.  It also means I’m approachable, I’m here to answer your questions and provide the resources you need when you need them.

Hubbie & I having a night out.

It brings me peace of mind knowing that you and your team are maintaining my website.

Lexi Rodrigo

Content Marketer, AlexixRodrigo.com

Exclusive Offer for September Super sale Guests

Personal Geek in your Pocket.

Experience the Personal Geek in Your Pocket Service for 30 days for $5!
Enjoy your experience and continue for ONLY $49 per month.

For 30 Days Experience: 

As a Personal Geek in Your Pocket Member you receive:

  • Safe Updates of WordPress Core & Plugins
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security Checks by Sucuri
  • Comment Management
  • Your Data Kept Secure & Accessible
  • Unlimited WordPress Edits
  • Vulnerability Checks
  • Performance Checks
  • SEO Ranking
  • Link Checking – Coming Soon
  • Monthly Report

Perfect For The Digital Business Owner Ready For Big Things!

No Risk $5 Dollar Sample

Try it out for 30 days and if you don’t like the service simply cancel before your time is up and pay nothing else.  

• • •

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