What I’m Doing Now

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This is what I’m up to lately…


  • Focusing on building
  • Writing on my blog and to my subscribers
  • I’m still working on updating older posts on my site to add even more value
  • Thinking about how my offerings to the world can make an impact and difference to others in building their lifestyle business
  • Seeking places to write and talk about my business


  • I’ll also be hanging out with my hubbie and two adorable fur babies, Tweety u0026amp; Fozzie
  • Exploring cool new food joints and events around central Alberta and sharing on Facebook
  • Aiming to read way more than I did in 2018.
  • Meditating, writing u0026amp; reading every day
  • Striving to spending more time in deep thought

You can check out some of my favorite articles I’ve found on Pocket

What I’m Currently Reading…

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Books I’ve Read in 2019

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And Finally Some of my Favorite Books

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