Privacy Terms

Here’s the cliff notes version

  • Your personal information collected from payment forms or mailing list signup forms is never shared, sold or rented to anyone, ever.
  • Your personal information is only shared between internal systems, like: WordPress, Stripe, Paypal and Mailerlite —all of whom have security safeguards in place.
  • Yes, I know it’s a yawn but I gotta do it.
  • Some data (IP, location, referrer, etc) is collected via Google Analytics but not shared, rented or sold to anyone else.
  • If you want the data that’s been collected by me you can contact me directly at [email protected] and I’m happy to give it to you.
  • I appreciate that you have provided your email address to me so I can communicate to you, but if you want to opt out of any communication, click “Unsubscribe” located in every single email.
  • If you want your data to be deleted from anything, contact [email protected] and I’ll take care of it pronto (although you’ll no longer be able to sign into any thing that you may have purchased from me.)