Geek In Your Pocket – Personal

$49.00 for each 1 month

No obligations & you can cancel at any time.



You’re ready for a Geek in Your Pocket if….

  • You need some help every month with your website or techie tasks
  • You dread having to do any updates on your WordPress site
  • You really don’t have the desire to figure out all of tech stuff you think you should be doing on your site
  • You are concerned about getting hacked or losing your entire website because of hackers
  • You’re ready to stop worrying about WordPress and focus on your biz
  • You want to have someone you can call on when you need it to help manage your self-hosted WordPress site
  • You know keeping your website healthy and well maintained is important

What’s Included

The Geek in Your Pocket Package provides so much more than the services included, but in case you’re curious here’s what you get

  • Regular Backups: Managed, secure off-site backups make it easy to restore your site should we need to do, but it also provides security in case something out of control happens and you need to get your site set up quickly.
  • Updates of WordPress & Any Plugins You Have Installed: No need to even think about all the updates that happen with WordPress.  Managed, checked and taken care of.  If there’s a compatibility issue, it get fixed or new solutions are provided to you.
  • Three Types of Monitoring: Your site is monitored to keep it secure, to make sure that you are getting the best uptime you can and your site is monitor to see how well it’s running and your reports will let you know if you need to optimize anything on your site.
  • As you need it technical support: To make this service as affordable as possible support time is not included, but for most tasks there is a simply flat rate of $75 US to fix your request.  Occasionally a service or task is bigger than the $75, but that’s okay, we’re still here to help
  • Basic Email Support To Answer Your Questions: This could include a question about a plugin you might want to install, or what the best technical workflow may be for launching your new ebook.
  • Status Report: You’ll get a monthly report that provides details of everything that has happened on your website.

If something happens to the site (gets hacked etc), this isn’t covered in the plan but I will manage the whole process for you and get you up and functioning again fast.  Of course having regular maintenance done the site will hopefully prevent this.  My own site and my clients that are on maintenance plans have yet to be hacked or infected (cross fingers).

Please note:

*Task Requests: There is a per task fee of $75 US per request, occasionally the task may be larger than then what the initial request can handle and if this is the case a quote will be provided for you before any work is completed. When you need something done, you simply email me directly and I will get it handle.

Your Web Host: After the 45 day period if you choose to continue to have a Geek in Your Pocket, I MAY make a recommendation to switch web hosts depending on who you are with because the web host has a big impact on both your speed and security of your site.  A low quality web host adds additional risk to your website, which is something we don’t want 🙂

Optional add-on: I can also host your website and manage the migration to my servers if this is something that you would like.  To host your site would be an additional fee and if you’re interested in this let me know.

Geek In Your Pocket – Personal
$49.00 for each 1 month