My Easy Peasy Website Maintenance Checklist can help you get control of the ongoing website maintenance that you need to do on your website and then when you’re ready you sign up for one of my Geek in Your Pocket Protection Plans.

The Easy Peasy Website Maintenance Checklist gives you a step-by-step guide of everything you need to be doing to keep your WordPress website well maintained.

Buy this Checklist & Learn…

  • The regular ongoing daily tasks you should be doing to keep your website secure
  • Monthly tasks to ensure that your website is running smoothly every day
  • Quarterly tasks that will ensure that your website and database are well maintained to keep your site running efficiently
  • Annual tasks that can easily get overlooked
  • Plus additional resources and tools to help you

I never need to worry now….

The constant updating, the backups were just too much for me with everything else going on.

I know I never need worry now and can focus on blogging and creating resources & making money.

Linda Faulk
Math Teacher & Curriculum Developer