Your website is vital to your business.

It’s the place where those who desperately need your products and services come to get the help they need.

But what if your website isn’t as healthy as it could be?

A website health check is just what you need.

This quick and easy-to-follow checklist will help you determine how healthy your website is.

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  • 17 checkpoints to ensure your website has all of the foundational elements it needs
  • 16 checkpoints covering your links and content
  • 10 checkpoints to help with your graphics
  • 6 checkpoints to see how you’re doing with the useability of your website
  • 10 checkpoints to help you manage the maintenance and security of your website

No matter what’s going on, I know my site is in good hands.

Just want to take a minute to thank you Renee!

So awesome to have someone taking care of that kind of stuff. The tech side is really not my thing but I can sleep well every night thanks to Renee! No matter what’s going, I know my site is in good hands.

St├ęphanie Gilbert
Stephie The Happy Mom