Hey I get it, having a website is a bit like a two edge sword. You KNOW you need a website to help draw your customers and visitors to your. As a digital business owner your website is your store front, but what you didn’t KNOW was how much work it was going to be!

It’s time to bring Geek in Your Pocket on your team. As your technical partner, we manage your website, help you keep it secure and updated so you can focus on building your business, helping your clients and make more money!

Here’s how Geek in Your Pocket can best support you!

Let’s Dig Into Your Website & Fix What’s Not Working

If you have had your website for any length of time, it’s likely there’s things happening on your website that you’re just not sure what’s happening or why? This was was working yesterday, but now it’s not or maybe your site is running slow and you don’t know why or that speed report just confuses you? My Website Performance Review will help.

Geek in Your Pocket Protection Plan

Operating your website required continuous maintenance, support and technical know- how? To succeed you need to always be learning about the latest technology, not to mention all the licenses plugins and oh boy all those security notices!

Ready to feel the zen of having Geek in Your Pocket managing your website?