Your Slow Website Is Costing You…

more than you maybe know.

Did you know your website needs to be fast, in fact, your website should load for a new visitor in less than 3 seconds!  For every second it takes to load your website you’re losing visitors, leads & revenue.

A one-second speed delay is all it takes to drop your conversions by 7%. For sites that average only 100 sales per month at $100 per sale, that’s $753 in lost sales EVERY month.

Introducing My
WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Building your own digital business has become easier with today’s technology, but that doesn’t mean that your website still needs expert technical help.

My WordPress Speed Optimization Service gets into the technical stuff to make sure you have a speedy website that runs fast and provides the best user experience for your visitors.

Why speed matters for your website


More Revenue

For every second it takes to load your website for a new visitor you’re potentially losing a new visitor and revenue.  A fast website is one element that will help to prevent that from happening. 79% of online shoppers say they are unlikely to revisit a slow website. If you are selling a service or product, you don’t want a slow site!


Better Visitor Experience

Your visitors experience should be top of mind with everything you do with your website. Up to 40% of visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Improve your site speed will help to keep more visitors on your website.


More Security

A fast loading site can handle more traffic, this includes both new and returning visitors.  But a fast website can also withstand a spam or Denial of Service (DOS) attack.  While you can stop the spammers, your fast website can deal with them better and keep your site running smoothly.


Better Search Results

Since April of 2010 Google has been using speed load time as factor in search results.  Google’s algorithm is all about improving a visitors user experience.  Improving your site speed improves site traffic, site ranking, conversion, and returning traffic – a marketer’s perfect storm.

Check Out These Results

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What’s Included in Your
WordPress Speed Up Service

Installation of Caching Plugin

Installation of a premium caching plugin (WP Rocket or Swift Performance) at not extra cost to you. One will be set up to manage help increase the speed of your site.

Complete Image Optimization

Images are one of the biggest culprits to a slow load time.  Your images will be optimized and going forward will automatically be optimized for speed.

Detailed Plugin Audit

Plugins are awesome, but they can also be a drag on your system.  Your plugins will be reviewed to make sure you are using all of your plugins to your advantage.

Brute Force Attack Prevention

The most common attack on your website is hammering your wp-login.php file.  These requests will slow down your site.  We’ll set things up to help guard against this.

Detailed Report of What’s Been Done

You’ll receive a full detail report of what’s been done and will include a snapshot of before the magic happens as well as the details once the work has been complete. Before
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WordPress Speed Up Service

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