Upgrading And Deleting Plugins In The WordPress Admin Dashboard

In a separate article, we provide a detailed explanation of what plugins are about and how you can use plugins to easily increase your website’s capabilities. To view this article, go here: Using WP Plugins To Enhance Your Site’s Capabilities In this tutorial you will learn why plugins need to be kept up-to-date, how to safely update and uninstall plugins from your site, and some great tips to help you better manage your plugins if you plan to own or manage multiple WordPress sites. Why Some Plugins Need To Be Regularly Upgraded The WordPress software is regularly updated (about every 3-4 months) to fix bugs and address security issues and vulnerabilities found in earlier software versions, and to improve existing features. Depending on how many plugins you use on your site, there will typically be new updates for plugins every. The reason for this, is because most plugins for WordPress are created by external developers, so sometimes code in the new WordPress version conflicts with plugins that were developed and tested with a previous version. Whenever this happens, there is a potential for problems to sometimes occur. Fortunately, most WordPress plugin developers (and the WordPress developer community itself) are quite proactive when it comes to making sure that plugins get updated when a new version of WordPress is released (if this is required). All you have to do on your end, is maintain your plugins up-to-date, which, as you will …

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