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Originally a Canadian west coast girl and now I’m from a tiny community called Daysland, AB and I help you become friends with technology.
When you have an online business understanding how to use and benefit from technology can make or break your business.
I help you figure out how to use the right technology for the right action. Whether you’re a DIY’r or a delegation queen understanding the fundamentals of technology will not only help you build the business of your dreams, but sustain you along the way!
I’ve always had a natural talent for picking up technology quickly and I was often the quiet one in the meetings that came up with the “great” idea after a bit of thought. Both great traits when doing things my own way and I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start to blaze their own trail by showing them that technology can be your friend and make your own business journey easier.
I can do the same for you, so join me won’t you.
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