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You have enough to think about right now.

Let Geek in Your Pocket manage your website maintenance, so you can focus on what matters to you.

Your website needs continual attention and support so you can focus on your business and do what you do best. I offer top quality hands-on support with a full support desk* to take care of all your website needs.

Geek in Your Pocket Has the Solution

My monthly website support plans offer you peace of mind that every month I will be on hand, rain or shine, to monitor it’s up-time and security, tweak its performance issues, and respond to requests from you edit, improve or fix unforeseen and timely issues*.

Peace of Mind that your website will run the latest version without conflicts.

Experienced Website Professional for an affordable price.

Access to additional development services. I only work with clients on a Website Support Plan

It brings me peace of mind knowing that you and your team are maintaining my website.

Lexi Rodrigo

Lexi Rodrigo

Content Marketer,

Personal – Geek


for 30 Days, Then $49 per month

Software Updates – WordPress Core and Plugins
Manual Website Check after Updates
Daily Website Backups w/ Restoration
Daily Security Monitoring
Daily Uptime Monitoring
Database Optimization
and SPAM cleanup
Monthly Performance Scan
Additional WordPress Support as you need it
Monthly Maintenance Report w/ Google Analytics report
Cancel Anytime, No Long-Term Contract

The best thing I ever did for my blog, business, and peace of mind was to hire Renee.
When I was looking to cut back on my expenses, the first thing I said I had to keep after paying for my hosting was Renee.

Samantha Hatcher

Samantha Hatcher

HI, I’m Renee

I’m the Chief Geek in Residence here.

I truly believe that the Geek in Your Pocket service is your solution to your WordPress maintenance woes.

I have developed a process that allows me to keep the personal touch to WordPress support and maintenance.  I am purposely keeping the number of clients to a manageable size so I get to know you and your website, while still providing the needed website maintenance for you.

I focus on working with website owners that have a small online business.  

You know that keeping your website updated and maintained needs to be a top priority but since technology is not your expertise it’s taking way more time to do that you feel is should.

My Geek in Your Pocket service is the ideal solution, reasonably priced so you can focus on what you excel at, I’m here to help you become an empowered website owner.

Renee’s Geek In Your Pocket Service is a simple way to reduce my technical workload

I have subscribed to her geek in your pocket service as a simple way to reduce my technical workload and focus on clinical work.

Ann Ingham

Ann Ingham


The constant updating, the backups were just too much for me with everything else going on.

I know I never need worry now and can focus on blogging and creating resources & making money.

Linda Faulk

Linda Faulk


For the first time since I started my blog 3 years ago, everything went crazy.

My blog went down, my ads disappeared, and I started to lose my mind.
The only thing I knew to do was to contact Renee.

She had already been taking care of the technical side of things, and I knew this was beyond me.

I was never more grateful than that moment that I had hired Renee. Not only did she fix my problems, but she stayed in contact with me while she did it.

After everything was fixed, she told me not to worry about the tech side of my website because she has that covered. She told me to just do what I do best.

Even today, I went into the back of my website and saw some orange lights, and I knew that all I needed to worry about was the comments. Renee had it all taken care of.

The best thing I ever did for my blog, business, and peace of mind was to hire Renee. When I was looking to cut back on my expenses, the first thing I said I had to keep after paying for my hosting was Renee.

When my new blog launches she will be right there with me, making it all that much easier.

I really couldn’t do this without her. She is part of what is helping me to get to the next level with confidence.

Samantha Hatcher

Samantha Hatcher &