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Before you go, I wanted to offer something pretty awesome.

I KNOW you care about your website, along with your email list it is one of your most important business assets.

Since it’s such an important asset to help you create the lifestyle business that you desire shouldn’t you also focus on making sure that your website will maintained and protected?

That’s what is so spectacular about my Geek in Your Pocket service, for a reasonable price. Truly, less that 1 family dinner out you can have all of the technical maintenance and security monitoring handled for you.

With my Geek In Your Pocket service you’ll no longer need to think about…

  • Updating all of your plugins or even the regular WordPress updates
  • Being concerned about backups of your website
  • Getting confused about which plugin to use or not use on your website
  • Keeping your site secure from hackers and malware
  • and a lot more….

My Geek in Your Pocket service will keep your website secure, updated and maintained all for one great price.

Try it out for 30 days, discover more time and freedom not having to think about the updates and maintenance of your website and go forth and create some amazing things! Get started now…

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