How To Schedule WordPress Posts

WordPress has a great feature that lets you schedule posts in WordPress. In this article, we will show you how to schedule WordPress posts. Scheduling blog posts in WordPress is a great feature that many people haven’t discovered yet. Learn how to schedule your posts in WordPress.

How To Access Your WordPress Login Page – WordPress Tutorial Series

New to WordPress? This basic tutorial for beginners shows you how to log into your WordPress blog. How To Log Into WordPress – Quick Tutorial As a new website owner, things can sometimes get a little confusing. If your website has been created using WordPress, then one of the first things you need to know is how to access your WordPress admin dashboard, as all of your website’s management is performed in this area. Depending on the theme installed on your website or blog, you may be able to log in directly from your main page. Look for a hyperlink that says “Site Admin” or “Log in”. On some websites, the log in link can be found in the Meta section of your web site’s sidebar area … If the link is visible on the front page, just click on it … This brings up the WordPress login page. Enter your username and password, and then click on the Log In button to access your WP Administration … Note: The WP “log in” link may not be visible in many themes. If you cannot see your WordPress login link on your site, then you will need to type your WordPress site login URL into your web browser. The WordPress admin login URL typically will look like this: (if WordPress is installed in the root directory of your domain) (if WordPress is installed in a subfolder of your domain, …

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Useful Facts About WordPress

WordPress is well known as a great blogging tool that creates beautiful blogs or websites for free. This sounds great, but what exactly can WordPress do for you? If you run any type of business, then your website is probably an important part of your business and your business strategy. WordPress allows you to easily create, update and manage your own web presence all by yourself using just an internet browser. Being the smart creative leader that you are, you probably have some questions about what WordPress has to offer you as a content management system. Before we address these, let’s look at some impressive statistics about WordPress: There are well over 60 million installations of WordPress worldwide. This number is growing everyday Over one-sixth of all websites worldwide are powered by WordPress. More than 50% of all sites that use a content management system are powered by WordPress. Over 30,000,000 searches are made on Google each month for WordPress related terms WordPress is a completely free to use application built using an open source content management system. WordPress is built by volunteers. Hundreds of people from all over the world work on developing and improving WordPress every day. WordPress is regularly and continually updated to improve both its functionality and security. WordPress can deliver your content online to visitors worldwide. WordPress has been translated and localized into over 73 languages. There is virtually no limit to what you can …

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The Benefits Of Using WordPress As A Content Management System

What began as a blogging tool in 2003 has grown in less than a decade to become the largest self-hosted Content Management System (CMS) platform in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. In simple terms, a content management system allows you to manage your content in a structured environment. It stores all of your documents, images, videos and any other type of online content in an organized way, so that you can easily add, retrieve, edit, delete and publish your content quickly and easily. Content management systems also allow multiple editors to access, manage and work on the content, and publish it under different sections of the site. As you can see from the chart, WordPress is the most widely distributed CMS technology in the world …   In fact, WordPress leads all other CMS technologies by quite a significant margin … So … what exactly is it that makes WordPress the most popular choice for a Content Management System? Here are just 5 reasons to get excited about using WordPress: 1 – WordPress Is Free Well, for a start, WordPress is completely FREE to use! In fact, you can download the full WordPress software application free of charge, and host it on your own domain without having to pay any software license fees whatsoever. WordPress is a FREE (Open Source) Content Management System (CMS) application WordPress is continually …

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Understanding Blogging Terminology

The blogging revolution has introduced a whole new set of blog terms, blog abbreviations and blogging acronyms to online users. Even though WordPress has moved well beyond just being a “blogging” platform and is now the fastest growing Content Management System (CMS) platform for personal and business users worldwide, in many ways WordPress is still synonymous with blogging, If you’re considering starting a blog, or you are a beginner WordPress user, therefore, it helps to understand some of the basic blogging definitions. Here, then, are some of the more common and useful blogging definitions to help you understand blargon terminology: A blog is short for weblog, which, according to most definitions, is a simple online diary that allows you to publish, date and list your periodic thoughts, opinions and musings on a particular topic or idea, generally in reverse chronological order (i.e. whatever you publish last appears first). When you focus a blog towards business purposes (e.g. promoting your business, products or services), then you have a business blog, instead of a personal blog. Blogging is the act of posting content on blogs. A blogger is someone who blogs and the Blogosphere represents the entire universe of blogs and the internet blogging community. Most blogging activities are made possible via the use of a blogging platform, which is the software application used for blogging. Most blogging platforms are sophisticated Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow you to create and publish …

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